About me

I´m Tobias Mennle and I am a filmmaker with home base in the southwest of Germany. I have specialized in producing authentic wildlife films/natural history for international TV and other media. I prefer working as cinematographer/director/ producer at the same time, in small teams with dedicated colleagues and local experts to capture unique and often never seen before moments on digital film - be it the bisons of the high Caucasus or a praying mantis in a meadow in my homeland. A one hour programme needs about 200 shooting days during a period of two summers.

CV - Born 1971 in Offenburg. Study of biology in Freiburg i.Br. and St. Andrews, Scotland. Diploma in biology. Filmmaking since age 14, professionally since 2000.

My films rely on the knowledge of the biologist, the experience of the cinematographer, and the passion of the filmmaker. For me, a good nature film needs magical images and fascinating insights into animal life to create a warm-heartedly told story.

I enjoy every aspect of filmmaking. Cinematography is the core effort in wildlife film production with such long times spent in the field. Every project brings new challenges.

My ethics working with animals and nature are: "Don´t force it." If animals don´t feel reasonably well, a film will never work. The key ingredient is: time. Not to rush. Take one´s time. Come back. Spend more time. At the end of the day, it was hopefully worth it.

I explore and work in other fields of filmmaking, too, because I´m just crazy about taking a camera and shooting, so I´m into commercials, image films and internet visuals - if I´m not abroad chasing wildlife. Filmmaking is a life long journey. The two key elements of my creative work are emotion and beauty. We do not always remember the story of a film, but we do remember if it touched our heart... And no matter what or whom I film, it needs to look good, or interesting.