Wild Alsace (2018, Co-production with SWR (commissioning editor Claudia Schwab), BR (Christine Peters) and ARTE (Christian Cools).


Iceland - Summer of the Arctic Fox (German version 2017, international version 2019, co-production with WDR commissioning editor Gabriele Conze) and ARTE (Christian Cools).


Tian Shan - Land of Bears and Horses (2014, Co-production with WDR, international distribution by OffTheFence Ltd.)


Wild Germany: Palatinate forest, Co-realization as director and cinematographer (2011, 44min, NDR Naturfilm, WDR, SWR)


Wild Scandinavia - Iceland (2010, 50/44min, NDR Naturfilm, WDR, Parthenon), the Nat Geo version was "Nordic wild"

- Wildlife Vaasa 2012 Astronomical Society Vaasan Andromedary Special Award
- Series: nominated for best series Award, Wildscreen 2012 Panda Awards
- Series: Gold medal New York Festival 2012


Wild Russia - Sibiria (2008, 50/44min, NDR Naturfilm, WDR, Parthenon, Animal Planet, S4C, and others) and extra cinematography for "Caucasus" and "Ural"

- Silver winner (Nature) Omni Awards 2010
- Panda Award finalist "best popular programme" Wild Screen 2010
- Series: best series GreenScreen 2009
- Series: best series Naturvision 2009
- Series: Gold World Medal New York Festival 2010
As NatGeo Version "Nordic Wild":
- Series: Special prize for the promotion of European Nature, WFO, Poland 2011
- Series: Merit Award for Cinematography IWFF, Missoula, Montana, USA
- Series: Preis "for the beauty", Green Vision, St. Petersburg, Russland, 2011


Marmots in Kazakhstan (2005, 44min, NDR Naturfilm, ORF)

- Main Award Waga Brothers Festival 2006
- Best Photography in "Woods and Animals", Matsalu 2006


Island lives (2003, 14mins, SWR)


Rugged Islands in the North Atlantic (2003, 43min, SWR)

- Newcomer Award 2004
- Audience Award 2004


Mediterranean at the Upper Rhine (2001, 43mins, SWR)


Grey seal nursery (1998, 29min, SWR)


This is the most bizarre award I ever got. There are no stars in my "Iceland" film but of course volcanoes are a widespread cosmic phenomenon - maybe? Thanks to Vaasa Astronomical Society!