Arctic fox expedition Iceland march 2017, core dates 15.-24.3.2017



On offer: Participation for one photographer, exclusive - no other photographers - EUR 2799.- plus food (about 200 EUR, from supermarket). Photographer couple 3499.- plus food. Two photographers 1999.- each plus food.

This trip into the heart of the kingdom of Iceland´s arctic foxes is in collaboration with Ester Rut Unnsteinsdóttir, mammal ecologist at the Icelandic institute of natural history. Except one scientist, one housekeeper, one filmmaker (that´s me) one photographer exclusive or two photographers can join.

We will take a boat (about 2.5hrs in good weather) from Isafjördur to the Horn peninsula and stay in a Scandinavian type of wooden house in spectacular landscape and right in the middle of the kingdom of the arctic fox - it´s their highest population density on earth. A truly unique place, as nowhere else can one get closer to fox mating and fighting action in the winter. Only few wildlife photographers have been there before this time of the year, witnessing some spectacular behaviour. It is the climax of the mating season with courtship and territorial fighting. The easy, frequented places for winter fox photography in the inner fjords feature only few foxes, as there are no seabird colonies. This is why I will try to do this special trip, to really get to the center of action, and have foxes fighting for their territories. There will be both white and brown foxes.

Photos are from 2009/10 from the inner fjords...

I will shoot for my film production about the Icelandic Arctic fox. Ester has conducted scientific studies on arctic foxes in this place for more than 20 years. Expect hard work, harsh weather, spectacular nature, and a lot of excitement and fun, but also quiet times to relax and contemplate. We will have good food and can provide for vegetarians.

Accommodation is simple, bunk beds with sleeping bag, and the 4 of us will need to share rooms.

Everything is subject to change, due to the unpredictable arctic weather. The crossing can be rough, and we might have to wait a couple of days both in Isafjördur and Horn to get there and back. We need to be flexible and need to be able to cancel flights in case we get stuck a bit longer. In Horn we are offline and without mobile, but we will have a satellite device for safety.

I am not a travel agent, and only take the risk of organizing this journey in which you take part as a team member - completely on your own risk. Should the journey not take place due to weather etc. you will get a full refund of the sum you paid me in advance but you need to insure the rest of your travel expenses yourself.

We are in a national park and need to behave accordingly. We will probably have two places to sit and wait for fox action, and can also explore the area on foot.


Travel costs as base for pricing:

Boat Sjoferdir                                                    610 000.-
Scientific grant                                                 -200 000.-
Housekeeper: 10 days                                    200 000.-
Rent of house:                                                   150 000.-
Flights RVK-Isafjördur for housekeeper:           20 000.-            
total:                                                                    780 000.-

that is EUR 6 813 as of march 8th.