You have a story to tell and share with the world?

Tell it beautifully, in the spirit, with the visuals and emotion of cinema - even if it is a small project. So it becomes a story worth watching and listening to.

I work worldwide as a filmmaker, cinematographer and director - with my own gear tailored to the project and budget. My postproduction creates the beauty of film in a modern flavour. Because for more than 100 years great stories have been told in a special look - the filmlook.

But what is a good story? That´s another story...

Dipl. Biol. Tobias Mennle, film production
77746 Schutterwald

phone international: +49 781 9693166
phone national: 0781 9693166


This is the story about the most special day in a little village in the north of Iceland, when free running horses and sheep are gathered from their summer grounds in the highlands and have to find their owners again...



This is the story about a little mouse whose homeland sometimes gets flooded in spring. How can this tiny mouse survive? Since years I was curious to find out...