What is your story to share with the world?

Tell it beautifully - with the visuals and emotion of cinema. So it becomes a story worth watching and listening to.

Film is a passion and joy of my life. More than 30 years of filmmaking, from script to movie, from celluloid to digital. My homebase is in the southwest of Germany.


In the heart of nature
- wildlife docs:


The human touch
- documentary filmmaking and cinematography:

The Creation Project
- nature footage in 4K/HD

If you need exceptional footage to make your projects really stand out from the crowd. Licenses are worldwide in perpetuity for one film in all its versions. Please inquire.


Telling your story
- commercial work

For PANASONIC, their story was actually my story - how getting their new camera totally changed the way I make films. Testimonial for Panasonic.