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All things shining

Tobias Mennle film production

Filmmaking is the most wonderful profession. I still find it hard to believe how beautiful this world is. I make wildlife and classic documentaries with a focus on cinematography, editing and storytelling.

I'm Tobias Mennle and I live in the southwest of Germany with my family and my dog. I have loved nature since my earliest memories and have been crazy about film since the age of seven, when I saw a picture of Godzilla breaking through the high voltage wires in the TV magazine. At the age of 14, when a friend hired me as a model builder and cameraman for his science fiction film shot on S8, I discovered the magic of the film camera.

With a degree in biology and mentoring from my wildlife filmmaking heroes, I became a full-time filmmaker in 2000. Combining the knowledge of a biologist with the creativity of a storyteller and cinematographer, I take audiences deep into the wild and the world. I strive to tell authentic, compelling stories from the heart of nature and human life.

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Open your eyes, and beauty will find you.

The Fox Whisperess

There is probably only one woman in the world who can talk to an arctic fox. But something is going wrong in the fox world. Will Iceland’s only native land mammal survive the coming decades? Ester has to find out. – Intro, German

Rider of the steppe

When you’re 15, life seems wide open. Like riding a horse across the steppe. Sako is on his way now – but where will it lead?

The tulip ballerinas – from: Rider of the steppe

When the tulips bloom on the Red Hill, it’s time for a party.

The final game – from: Rider of the steppe.

Today is the last Kokpar match before the summer break, when the heat of the steppe becomes too much for horses and men. Sako is determined to win.

A very wild spring – Animals in love in Germany

Spring is coming. And with it spring fever. Love at first sight? No. It’s hard work. Their mission: To procreate. What are they prepared to give for it? – Intro, in German

Summer of the arctic foxes

It´s their first summer, full of play and the joy to live. But winter is coming. – Intro, in German

from: Summer of the arctic foxes

Iceland’s glaciers are melting. One has already disappeared. And no end in sight. – German version.

from: Wild Alsace

Experimental short…

… from test footage created during a camera test session with colleagues in Berlin. Shot on my Varicam LT.